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How to prolong the life of transformer silicon steel sheet

2019-09-12 09:56:03

Ferrosilicon alloys with preferred grain orientation after deformation and recrystallization annealing are mainly used to manufacture various transformers, fluorescent lamp ballasts and turbogenerator stator cores. About 40% of the energy consumed in transmission and distribution systems is consumed in transformers, while iron and copper losses account for about 50% of the total losses of transformers. Therefore, decreasing the iron loss of oriented silicon steel, high efficiency and energy saving of end transformer are very important in all energy saving and carbon reduction undertakings.

The size of iron loss is directly related to the quality of silicon steel used to make iron cores. Although a lot of work has been done to reduce iron loss, recent work indicates that further reduction of iron loss can be achieved by the following methods.

(1) Remove the magnesium silicate bottom layer, make the surface of steel plate more smooth, move forward 180 degree domain wall and homogeneity of magnetization. In production, MgO + chloride or Al2O3 as the main separator can be used to make steel plate with smoother surface.

(2) The eddy current loss can be further reduced by thinning the steel strip. Nowadays, many products with thickness of 0.27mm and 0.23mm are produced and used. Lab labeling. Assuming that the thickness is reduced to 0.15mm, the iron loss can be reduced by about 50% compared with the 0.23mm maximum thickness trademark product currently used.

(3) After laser irradiation, mechanical indentation, toothed roller processing or plasma eruption treatment, the surface of oriented silicon steel has defects perpendicular to the rolling direction, which can refine the magnetic domain and reduce the abnormal eddy current loss.