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How to Anneal Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet

2019-09-12 09:59:23

1. Install the silicon steel sheets to be annealed into the charging rack of the iron box (according to the size of the silicon steel sheet, pay attention to packing at least not beyond three layers). The silicon steel sheets of each box should be covered with a cover slightly smaller than that of the iron box (or preferably made of silicon steel sheet material). Hang it into the furnace, lock the furnace cover, press tight sealing ring and connect the circulating water pipe.

2. Connect the nitrogen gas, check whether it leaks, and check the normal supply of circulating water.

3. Close all valves, install vacuum tubes, open vacuum pumps, open vacuum pumping valves, vacuum pumping to - 1MPA, close needle valves and then close the power supply of vacuum pumps.

4. Connect the nitrogen pipe with the inflatable valve, turn over the inflatable valve and inject nitrogen. The pressure is between 0.03 MPA and 0.1 MPA. The closed inflatable valve opens the safety valve.

Fifth, install three thermocouples on the furnace body.

6. Check whether the voltage, current and appearance of the electric cabinet are normal.

7. Set the initial temperature of the thermometer to 400 C to check whether the current of the power meter is the same. After ensuring the same adjustment, turn on the heating switch for heating. Turn the valve of circulating water open at this moment to ensure no blockage and water flow dredging.

8. Check the appearance of the room and adjust the power of the annealing furnace.

9. When the temperature rises to 400 C, turn on the nitrogen filling valve (smoke exhaust) and close the inflatable valve when the exhaust gas reaches 0.01 MPA. Repeat the operation of three or four items.

10. When the temperature is confirmed to rise to 400 C, keep the temperature constant for about 1 hour about the time of the ninth item of operation and confirm that the external temperature is also about 400 C.